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How green are your fingers?

Spring! That means: new growth in the garden and warmer temperatures. The horticulture sector is flourishing again (get it?) and is on the lookout for new green fingers. Is that something for you?


Market gardening or horticulture is, according to the official definition 'commercial intensive growing of vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, flowers, plants, trees, bulbs or seeds.'

The benefits:

  • Various produce: flowers, trees, fruit, vegetables ...
  • Infinite variation with these various 'branches of horticulture' (get that one too?): cultivation in glasshouses, vertical horticulture
  • Often outdoors in the summer with the sun on your face.
  • And in winter, snug inside the nice warm glasshouse.
  • Working with your hands. Nothing is more honest and pure than a plant.
  • Suddenly, you start to regard the world around you in a different way, because you see plants and flowers everywhere in nature.
  • Appearing on 'The farmer is looking for a wife' will be a piece of cake!
  • Flexible hours - fantastic!
  • You can go to the largest auctions in Belgium. Any more bids? Going once, going twice ...