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Sales is your thing

Accent is a sales company through and through. We expect a result from every action we take.

  • As an employee working in our offices, you are a true entrepreneur.

  • Your main objective is to drive up your figures by placing as many people as possible in the right jobs.

  • Challenges, targets, a goal to aim for, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, striving to make extra commission... this is all like music to your ears.

  • You get your kicks from making client contacts, cold calling, canvassing and building on long-term relationships with your customers by ‘excelling in service’.

  • In addition to your mother-tongue, you will also, of course, speak fluent Dutch or French.


Are you looking for an entrepreneurial job where sales, recruitment and HR are key? Do you want to work in a dynamic environment where there are opportunities to grow and where people really enjoy their hard work? Then be sure to apply for a job with us!

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